Improvements to six streets. | Archive

In November, work will start on wide-ranging improvements to the Sant Llorenç part of Cala Millor.

The project, which was presented to businesses and residents earlier this week, consists of the total renovation of Plaça de s'Estanyol, as well as improvements to six streets - Lluc, Olivera, Bonança, Platja, Alosa and Dofí.

Sant Llorenç town hall will be in charge of the work. It will cost four million euros and will be paid for with EU Next Generation funds.

At the presentation, the mayor, Jaume Soler, explained that the project was approved last year by the previous administration. Part of the Sant Llorenç sustainable tourism plan, the work has to be carried out now in order not to lose the EU funding. It is expected to take five to six months.