Aerial view of the Via Cintura. | A. S.

The Council of Mallorca is expected to announce a revised maximum speed limit for Palma's Via Cintura some time next month. It could be that there is more than one speed, as the Council's roads department is considering different speeds for specific sections.

The speed limit used to be 120 kilometres per hour. In February 2021, the previous administration at the Council lowered it to 80, arguing that this would reduce accidents and cut pollution, both air and noise.

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The Partido Popular vowed to raise the limit from 80. Now back in power, they will be doing this. It has been suggested that 100 km/h will be the new maximum, but there has also been mention of 90. Taxi drivers and transport operators believe that 100 would be reasonable; a return to 120 would seem to have been ruled out by the Council.

Reports are being finalised, and it is understood that these do include the possibility of variable speeds.