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Festival founder and director, German born, Mallorca raised actress and filmmaker Sandra Lipski.


Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival reaches out to a global audience

“Many of those attending this year would only normally attend a few festivals a year and these would be the likes of Cannes or Berlin. Now they are adding Mallorca to the diary and that’s a huge boost for us and the island.”

Humphrey Carter16/10/2023 10:33

Mike Day the CEO of Palma Pictures.


The crowning glory for Palma Pictures: its 30th anniversary

“We collaborated on our first Bollywood feature last year, Pathaan, which has become the most successful film in Hindi cinema history.”

Humphrey Carter11/09/2023 11:11

Fredrik Thomander CEO and founder of Palma Music Studios.


Making music and Hollywood movies in Mallorca

“A whole new international and local community of musicians, actors, producers, directors, writers, people from all disciplines in music and film has grown on the island and we can only see ourselves getting stronger. That is our aim, our vision.”

Humphrey Carter27/04/2023 11:55

Ruben Östlund in Palma in October.


Oscar joy for Mallorca, resident gets top nominations

Test screenings and editing of Triangle of Sadness were carried out on the island.

Humphrey Carter24/01/2023 15:04