News of the day 11 September 2023
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Brits apparently want to integrate more.

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Britons don't want to live surrounded by expats in Mallorca

“So if our data is anything to go by, perhaps Brits aren’t looking to establish Little England abroad, after all.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Julia Simpson with Bulletin editor Jason Moore

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From the Bulletin in Mallorca to advising Tony Blair and then World Tourism boss

Julia spent 14 years in the aviation sector on the Board of British Airways and Iberia and as Chief of Staff at International Airlines Group.

Jason Moore

Holiday / Lifestyle

Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Monday, September 11

No matter what we might have on the agenda, we should find the planetary vibes to be supportive of our plans, even with Mercury in retrograde

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mike Day the CEO of Palma Pictures.


The crowning glory for Palma Pictures: its 30th anniversary

“We collaborated on our first Bollywood feature last year, Pathaan, which has become the most successful film in Hindi cinema history.”

Humphrey Carter


At La Van with... Max Lawrie: "There’s no perfect formula"

Chef Max Lawrie talks about working his way up from potwasher to founding his own catering business in Mallorca.

Vicki McLeod

Hotels are at full occupancy in Soller and fine chefs very busy as the ‘foodies’ are in Town!


Hotels are at full occupancy in Soller and fine chefs very busy as the ‘foodies’ are in Town!

On September 22 and 23 trainloads will be arriving to the port from Palma for the Havaneres Festival which takes place on the Repic Beach.

Shirley Roberts

Holiday / Beaches


My concern at the Red Flags in Pollensa

Yet here, in peak season, we had lifeguards blowing whistles to warn beachgoers to keep out of the water because it was too contaminated.

Peter Kay

Holiday / Travelling
Symphony of th Seas - one of the largest cruise ships


Find out which ships are in port today

The Symphony of the Seas is the only cruise ship visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

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What's On Mallorca

What's on this Autumn in Mallorca: October, from Classic Cars to Oktoberfest

Mallorca's Autumn and Winter events calendar: October, from Yoga to Halloween.

Ashlee Caliz

What's On Mallorca

What's on this Autumn in Mallorca: November, from Cars to Christmas Lights

Mallorca's Autumn and Winter events calendar: November, from the Circus to Thanksgiving

Ashlee Caliz


Where to see the best sunrise in Mallorca

Discover the best spots to watch the sunrise.

MDB Digital

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Radar map for lightning in the Balearics on September 11, 2023

Latest news

Tuesday's weather in Mallorca - A rainy week

The Mallorca forecast for Tuesday, September 12.

Andrew Ede

Island life / Paperwork
Sport / Real Mallorca
Coach Aguirre (C) under fire from fans

Real Mallorca

R.C.D. Mallorca fans worried after poor start

64-year-old Mexican coach Javier Aguirre is coming under fire on social media for his negative tactics.

Monro Bryce

Food and drink / Food and drink

Food and drink

Cheers! Our top five non alcoholic cocktails in Mallorca

If you want to surprise your guests at home, you will be the best host with these recipes.

Jason Moore

Company promotional image.

Food and drink

Goiko to open first restaurant in Palma

It will be located where the well-known restaurant + Natural was in Plaza España.

MDB Digital

Food and drink

Eating Out in Mallorca: Hotel Feliz in Palma

All you can eat BBQ buffet, served á la minute.

Mia Naprta

Food and drink

Cocktail Hour: After Landing Cocktail Art

An unexpectedly pleasant experience that I will gladly repeat!

Mia Naprta

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