Cala en Porter, Menorca. | David Arquimbau Sintes


In September, the Balearics attracted a total of 2,437,545 tourists. Of these, 2,061,436 were foreign tourists, the largest markets (as always) having been German and British. There were 630,750 German tourists, an increase of 5.4% compared with September 2022, and 577,616 British (up 13.2%). The Spanish market, the third largest overall, experienced a decline of 2.3% to 376,109.

The total number of tourists was up 6.8% compared with last year, while the number of foreign tourists rose by 8.7%. Both totals were records for a September.

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For the nine months of 2023 to end-September, the Balearics attracted 12,552,794 foreign tourists. Including Spanish tourists, the nine-month figure was 15,559,331. These cumulative figures were both up by over eight per cent compared with 2022.

Statistics for previous months have pointed to 2023 being an absolute record year in terms of tourist numbers, and September's do nothing to suggest that it won't be. The current all-time record year is 2018. In that year to the end of September there were 14,523,421 tourists (foreign and Spanish combined). The cumulative figure for this year is over one million more than in 2018 and 1.2 million more than last year.