Nadal has smashed his way into a small fortune. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorcan tennis player Rafa Nadal is the richest sportsperson in the Balearics, he is reported to be worth 297 million euros, although he is not among the 100 richest Spaniards, according to Forbes.

The Balearics is the fourth richest region in Spain, along with the Valencian Community.
Amancio Ortega, founder and former chairman of Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara and Bershka clothing and accessories shops, and his daughter Sandra, Rafael del Pino, Juan Carlos Escotet and Juan Roig Alfonso remain for another year as the top five richest Spaniards, with a total of 102,700 million euros, 48% of the total ranking of the list of ‘The 100 richest Spaniards’ by Forbes Spain.

The total sum of the 100 Spanish fortunes in 2023 amounts to 196,130 million euros, an increase of 37% over last year.

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Amancio Ortega, the majority shareholder of Inditex, maintains his leadership in this ranking, after increasing his wealth by 53% compared to 2022, and totals a wealth of 81,800 million euros, equivalent to more than double the sum of the rest of the fortunes that make up the ‘top 10’.

Behind him is his daughter Sandra Ortega - the only woman in the top five of the list - whose fortune has grown to 7.1 billion euros, a figure that contrasts with that of the current chairwoman of Inditex, Marta Ortega, with 80 million euros, which falls outside the top 100.

The chairman of Ferrovial, Rafael del Pino, closes the top 3 with a fortune valued at 5,900 million euros, while Juan Carlos Escotet, chairman of Abanca, rises to fourth place with 4,000 million euros, while the chairman of Mercadona, Juan Roig, is placed fifth with 3,900 million euros.

Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso is worth 270 million euros and the footballer Andrés Iniesta 100 million euros.