The suspects arriving in court this morning. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The 40-year-old woman who apparently dumped her baby into a rubbish bin in Porto Cristo gave birth in the car in which her sister and brother-in-law were taking her to hospital, according to police investigators, who are working on the hypothesis that it is a murder case because the child was born alive.

The head of the National Police in Manacor, Gustavo Cervero, held a press conference today to give an account of the results of their investigations minutes after the three detainees, all of Spanish nationality and with previous convictions for various crimes appeared in court.

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Although the two women and the man who have been arrested have so far refused to testify, Cervero pointed out that the information gathered indicates that the pregnant woman, who was around 27 weeks pregnant, felt unwell, called her sister and together with her brother-in-law picked her up from her home in Porto Cristo to take her to the hospital in Manacor.

The mother gave birth during the journey and, for unknown reasons, the three people involved decided to dump the baby, still alive and weighing around 800 grams, into a rubbish bin located half a kilometre from the hospital.