The emergencies centre. | MDB


The CGT union representing staff at the Balearics 112 emergencies centre has issued a scathing assessment of working conditions. It is critical of the degradation of the service, the workload and the state of the centre itself.

"This is an essential service, but we are in premises with constant cuts to basic electricity and water supplies. We also have insect pests and animal colonies. And staff have been carrying out their duties in a prefabricated building for 18 years."

As to workload, the union highlights the fact that at the height of the summer there are over two million people in the Balearics but claims that there are only four emergency managers to attend to this population. "More than 500,000 people per operator on continuous eight-hour shifts. Having days off is impossible due to 'service needs'."

Attention is also drawn to the training and storage facilities. These are located in Son Banya (Palma) next to the infamous shanty town. "They are in danger of collapsing in a dirty and dangerous environment."