Some forty or so Guardia Civil officers took part in the operation. | Pascual Ribot


The Guardia Civil operation in Sa Pobla on Wednesday morning resulted in at least seven arrests of members of what is said to be a dangerous gang that has been committing robberies in Sa Pobla and neighbouring municipalities. Among those arrested are minors. It is understood that they are all Morocccan.

In Sa Pobla on Wednesday, there was talk of little else. One resident said: "We are scared every night. There is trouble in different parts of the town. If I had children, I would leave here. It is very unsafe."

A woman who lives close to one of the fifteen homes that were raided during the operation observed: "Sa Pobla is increasingly dangerous. At night there is a lot of fear, there is a lot of crime." Another resident says that last weekend a boy turned up in the square (Plaça Major) with a saw. "He was threatening anyone who crossed him."

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As to the Guardia operation, Gabriel said that it was time that something was done. "We've been complaining for a long time."

One theft that has been resolved is that of the undertakers van that was stolen at the weekend and later left in a Sa Pobla street. Members of this gang were responsible.

The Guardia Civil are linking the gang to dozens of house break-ins and car thefts.