Natalia Rodríguez, Malén's mother. | Teresa Ayuga


Fifteen-year-old Malén Ortiz was last seen on December 2, 2013. Ten years on, and her mother, Natalia Rodríguez, has not given up hope. She has a tattoo which says that whatever happens, there is still "hope".

"It hasn't been ten years, it's been ten lifetimes. The line between madness and sanity is very fine, but I must remain sane. The love for Malén rescues me, because my mission in life is to continue demanding that she never be forgotten, that they continue searching for her. That is my duty as a mother and I am not going to stop, no matter what the cost. I owe it to her. I will never lose hope of finding my daughter, they will never take that away from me."

Over the years, there have been possible leads. In March this year, there was a search of the Sa Porrassa finca between Magalluf and Son Ferrer, not far from where Malén lived. Nothing came of it. Or seemingly not.

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Natalia believes that things were not done as they should been right from the outset. "The Guardia Civil's initial investigation tiptoed through many clues. They should have investigated more. It is clear to me that, ten years on, not enough has been done to find her. Forcefulness and rigor have been lacking."

She asked for a special team from the Guardia Civil in Madrid to be involved in the investigation. "I met the head of the Guardia Civil. They told me that the procedures had been started, but I haven't seen them."

Natalia has her own suspects, but she cannot of course name anyone. As to what happened on that afternoon ten years ago, she is clear that Malén got into the car of someone she knew and trusted. It was something that happened by chance, unplanned.