The National Police's Private Security Brigade investigated the club. | José Antonio Ramírez


A club in Playa de Palma faces a fine of over 300,000 euros for serious breaches of security and for labour violations.

The security breaches include reference to the violent behaviour of security personnel. Two doormen at the club were arrested for beating up clients. The labour violations are linked to these breaches in that personnel were not qualified. In most instances they were foreign and barely understood Spanish.

The largest element of the fine is for not having qualified security personnel. One of the club's directors faces an individual fine of 6,000 euros for having performed security duties (without qualification).

A company was contracted to provide security. The National Police's Private Security Brigade, in charge of investigations into the club, has called for this company to be fined 100,000 euros for having supplied unqualified personnel.

Twelve of fourteen security staff themselves face fines of 6,000 euros each for labour intrusion, i.e. not having the necessary qualifications and authorisations.

The investigation into assaults on clients is a separate criminal matter.