The capacity of the Cúber reservoir has fallen over four per cent in a couple of weeks. | Fernando Fernández


The latest measurement of reservoir capacity by Palma's municipal services agency Emaya indicates that it has fallen almost two per cent since the previous measurement.

On December 4, the capacity of Gorg Blau and Cúber was 34.53%. In mid-November it was 36.2%. In the specific case of the Cúber reservoir, its capacity has fallen from 41.6% to 37%.

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In November 2022, the reservoirs were at 70%. Towards the end of March this year, after Storm Juliette and heavy snow, they were at 92%.

While the levels at present are concerning, trust is as ever placed in the rains (and maybe snow) coming. November was a very dry month in Mallorca. There was an average rainfall of 15.2 litres per square metre. The normal is 88.3.

Rain is forecast for Escorca overnight Thursday and on Friday, but this will be followed by some days of dry and sunny weather. One burst of rain can achieve only so much, and it depends on how heavy it is.