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In 2024, Calvia's budget for tourism promotion will increase by 40% to 1,785,000 euros. This is the budget set by the Calvia 365 Foundation, which comprises the town hall and hotel associations in the municipality.

The foundation, which was created in 2004, has been renamed Fundación Calvia 365. Similar to the 365 foundation in Palma, the aim is to promote Calvia as an all-year tourist destination.

With a commitment to "responsible and sustainable tourism", the intention is to leave the past behind (e.g. a negative perception of Magalluf) and to become something of a benchmark for diversified tourist products, such as business tourism.

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The budget is for three main areas. For events, the allocation has risen by over 500,000 euros to 1,280,682 euros. These cover sport, culture and gastronomy; new events are to be introduced with added importance. The other allocations are for management and for branding.

The new mayor of Calvia, Juan Antonio Amengual, promised this drive towards all-year tourism when he was elected in May this year.

At the World Travel Market in London in November, Calvia was promoted as a 365 destination. In support of this, the intention is to have beaches open from March to November. New concessions for the beaches are to be awarded, 22 companies having declared their interest.

In addition to the promotion, European funds will be used for investment in the first phase of the renewal of the promenade in Magalluf. The town hall will also be spending on improvements to Calvia's sports facilities and the Galatzó finca.