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British second home owners in Mallorca coud see 90 day rule eventually eased.

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Green light for France to ease the 90-day problem for British home owners

The plan is to automatically grant long-stay visas to British property owners.

Humphrey Carter21/12/2023 11:41

Don't let the 90-day problem ruin your holiday plans.


Your easy way of keeping track of your 90 days

The site has been designed to help people navigate the complexities of the 90-in-180 day rule.

Humphrey Carter14/12/2023 15:57

Campaigners will keep up the pressure on Spain and France to resolve the 90-day problem.

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Motion to solve 90-day rule problem receives support of 25 percent of French MPs, pressure still on Spain

‘180 Days in Spain’ advocates for part year residents and asks politicians to find a solution to the 90-in-180 day problem that British people have come up against since Brexit.

Humphrey Carter12/12/2023 10:06

Campaign is gaining quick and massive support.

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Petition launched for a referendum on the UK rejoining the European Union

Almost twice as many UK voters now believe a close relationship with the EU is more important for peace, prosperity and security than ties with the US.

Humphrey Carter11/12/2023 12:05

Since Brexit, British citizens have only been allowed to spend 90 out of every 180 days in EU countries.

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The ninety-day rule: "Exclusive interview with French Senator proposing end to 90-day rule"

“We listen. a first-hand account of the difficulties that the British are encountering on the ground is a valuable basis for our work.”

Humphrey Carter30/11/2023 16:37

Spain wants to lift the 90-day rule for Britons.

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One million Brits would benefit from 90-day rule being scrapped in Spain

Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Hector Gomez, has hinted that those in his government also wanted to work with the EU towards some sort of “exception”.

Humphrey Carter25/11/2023 10:05

The UK is pushing for an end to the 90-day rule as well.

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90-day cap for Britons could be scrapped in Spain

Spain is set to lobby the EU over a rule that limits British tourists to 90 day visits.

Humphrey Carter27/10/2023 14:27

Campaign to scrap the 90/180 day rule is gathering momentum.


“Spain could pay the price for the 90-day rule in the long term”

"We are asking Spanish politicians to make changes that will let them regain the right to spend time in the country in more or less the same way they did before Brexit to gain the protection they need."

Humphrey Carter14/01/2023 10:33