A French court bas rejected an amendment to its immigration law which means that British home owners, who are non residents, will only be able able to spend 90 days in the country (180 days a year, in two blocks of two). The French Senate had given hope in the battle against the 90 day rule by proposing a special status for British home owners but it appears that the move has been rejected by the judiciary as being unconstitutional.

France has also given hope to thousands of home owners in Spain who were hoping that the Spanish government would take similar action. Spain, however, did say this morning that it would continue to fight in the European Union for the law to be changed. Spain opposes the 90 day ruling because of the major impact it has on British long-term tourists and holiday home owners. Unlike France, Spain is taking the European Union route and has been holding talks with officials in Brussels over the issue.

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Interest in property in France by British buyers had increased dramatically since it looked as if the French government would scrap the 90 day requirement.

Many British holiday home owners in Spain are thinking about selling up because they can only use their property six months of the year.