There have been complaints about a shortage of taxis in the summer. | Archive


Following a Tuesday meeting with representatives from taxi driver associations and political parties, Palma's mobility councillor, Antonio Deudero, signed a decree on Wednesday that will increase the number of available taxis in the city this spring and summer.

The aim is to maximise the time that drivers can be on the roads. There are more than 1,200 taxis in Palma, and the town hall hopes that revised scheduling will mean that there will not be a shortage over the summer. The changes received the unanimous support of all those who attended the Tuesday meeting.

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During March, the same hours and service as winter will apply, but on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays (Easter week falls in March this year), the entire fleet can operate from 10pm to 6am. This will also be the case in April, when drivers will work four days and then take one day off.

From May to October, the entire fleet of taxis will be available 24 hours every day; drivers do of course work shifts.

At the next meeting, the issue of temporary taxi licences for the spring and summer season will be addressed.