"What's wrong? We haven't done anything, officers." These were the first words uttered by two well-known criminals upon being caught by officers of the Local Police of Santa Margalida moments after committing a robbery at a hotel in Can Picafort.

The events occurred in the early hours of Tuesday when the emergency center alerted the police of a verified alarm breach in the paddle section of the Vell Marí hotel, located on Avenida Pins in the tourist area. In fact, the security system activated the smoke evasion that the alarm itself emits in case of intrusion confirmation.

The Local Police of Santa Margalida and the Civil Guard were arriving at the scene when they observed a vehicle starting to move with two occupants inside. Just as the driver detected the police presence, he parked and immediately turned off the lights, remaining motionless inside the vehicle. When the police approached their position and asked for their identification, they simply said they hadn't done anything, all very nervously.

At the feet of the passenger, officers found a cash register tray and three large plastic bags filled with souvenir items, food, and hygiene products. After conducting a search in the paddle area, the officials quickly found a forced shutter and everything in disarray. They also managed to access the supermarket of the complex where they also managed to obtain a large number of products. In the sports bar area, the thieves opened the refrigerators and threw beer crates on the floor.