New travel requirement. | @Patrick Desrochers


If you are having friends or family to stay this year in your home remember that the official invitation to visit Spain from the police could take up to two months to obtain. As we have said it is not a legal requirement for Britons but it could make life easier when you arrive in Spain because the "invitation" states where the visitor will be staying and who.

The reason why the invitation exists is simple; when a person travels to Spain and crosses the country’s borders, he or she must explain what brought them to the country and where they will be staying. It is usually required to show that the person has a round-trip plane ticket, sufficient financial resources, hotel reservations in all the places he or she intends to visit, etc.

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However, this document can not be obtained in a matter of days. Firstly, the person who is inviting the visitor must take all the relevant documents to the police station. They must be legally resident in Spain and have the necessary paperwork. The police will then process and issue the invitation.

The official invitation is only for non-European Union citizens because EU residents have free movement of travel.

The invitations comes on top for the 90 day rule which means that non-resident Britons can only stay in Spain for 180 days a year in two blocks of 90 days.