The suspect was arrested this week and is now on remand. | National Police


The National Police have arrested a man for robbing at least 13 inhabited houses in Palma.
According to the police, the thief gained access to the houses in the early hours, by climbing up the exterior, showing surprising agility and dexterity, breaking in and stealing jewellery, mobile phones and electronic devices.

In eleven of the robberies, the residents were sleeping inside and due to the stealth shown by the suspect, some of them thought that the person wandering around was a member of the family.

All of the robberies were carried out in the neighbourhoods of Son Armadans and El Terreno.
The Robbery group of the National Police opened its investigation in May of last year, when the first robbery was committed - it was closed last week when the last one was committed and the suspect arrested.

In one of the robberies, the suspect managed to remove a safe which he moved to a garden area to break into it and steal objects from inside, which demonstrated an unusual and surprising agility and dexterity.

However, the agents managed to obtain evidence and traces that pointed to a specific person and proceeded to arrest him last Tuesday as the alleged perpetrator of thirteen burglaries in inhabited houses.

Police searched the suspect’s home and seized numerous items such as mobile phones, electronic devices and jewellery. Some of the items were recognised by the victims and returned, while others are being processed, so the number of robberies could increase.

Yesterday, the alleged perpetrator was taken to court and was remanded in custody.