The victim died in Son Espases Hospital in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Palma National Police have arrested the managing director of an aesthetic clinic for the death of a British tourist as a result an operation.
The doctor is accused of an alleged crime of gross negligence homicide.
After an exhaustive investigation, the police have arrested the anesthesiologist and manager of the medical centre.

The police ordered that he manager of the clinic be temporarily released from Palma prison where he was serving another sentence for medical malpractice and fraud in order to face the new charges.
The victim lost her life in Son Espases last September 14, 2023, hours after a series of complications during the operation. The operation took place in mid-September.

The woman travelled from the United Kingdom to the island to undergo several aesthetic touch-ups.
The surgeon who operated on her, is based abroad, but he has been working in Mallorca for decades.
The doctor and the patient arranged the appointment in a private clinic.
The woman wanted to have an operation on a breast implant that the surgeon had already been responsible for a few years earlier and wanted to change it.

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The doctor, according to judicial sources, told her that no preoperative procedure was necessary and the woman paid 6,000 pounds in cash.
The victim was a public relations professional and wanted to go to work in Australia for three months.

During the operation a series of complications arose and the young woman had to be rushed to Son Espases, where she died.
Investigators from the Homicide Group of the National Police discovered that the victim had a congenital malformation of the heart at birth.

According to the same sources, 25 percent of the heart did not work properly, and despite being aware of this, the doctor did not perform the preoperative.