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Jet2holidays has become the first UK tour operator to sign Mallorca’s Responsible Tourism pledge, further strengthening the company’s commitment to promoting and encouraging sustainable tourism on the island.

The UK’s largest tour operator has signed the pledge, which contains eight key points to help preserve the nature, values and beauty of Mallorca whilst ensuring the long-term prosperity of the island for visitors and residents.

The pledge addresses key areas such as appreciating and protecting nature, respecting local communities, making a positive impact, buying locally, and reusing reducing & recycling.

Many of these areas align with Jet2holidays’ recently launched hotel sustainability labelling scheme, which enables customers and independent travel agents to easily find and choose from a collection of certified sustainable hotels which meet Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Recognised standards. Currently featuring almost 60 hotels across Mallorca, the collection can be found at

Customers and independent travel agents visiting this page or seeing the label will know that the hotels featured meet GSTC-Recognised standards, meaning that they can choose the holiday that is right for them. These standards are closely aligned to many areas in the Mallorca Pledge for Responsible Tourism as they are based on actions around sustainable hotel management, social and economic support of the local community, promoting positive cultural impacts and environmental protection.

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2holidays said: “As well as enjoying their well-deserved holidays on the beautiful island of Mallorca, we know that customers take sustainability and responsible tourism very seriously. As a responsible airline and tour operator, we have taken a number of tangible steps on our journey to reach our sustainability targets, such as launching a Certified Sustainable Hotels labelling scheme. This means customers can choose from over 900 hotels, 60 of them in Mallorca, knowing they are choosing a holiday that is right for them.”

He added: “The Mallorca Pledge for Responsible Tourism is a great way to create further awareness about this critical issue and, as the UK’s leading tour operator to the island, we are proud to be the first UK tour operator to sign the pledge. This is a clear demonstration of our continued commitment and leadership when it comes to working in partnership with our friends and partners in Majorca so that holidaymakers can continue to enjoy this special island, both today as well as in the future.”

To view Jet2’s sustainability strategy see: