Jumping from the roof.


The Sant Joan Fiestas in Menorca attract great numbers of young Mallorcans. It has been a tradition to go to Menorca for the fiestas for many years, some island residents complaining that this has all got a bit too much.

One resident in particular has highlighted cases of 'balconing' at a property in Cala en Blanes.

She says that a group of young Mallorcans "around 15 or 16 years old" have been staying at a chalet near to her and that they have been jumping into the pool from a balcony and even from the roof.

Having made recordings, she went to the local police. They said they were unable to do anything as it was a private property. She also tried speaking to the teenagers and tell them that they were putting themselves at risk; but to no avail.

Even though the police couldn't act, she has called on authorities to take measures - "Otherwise, the fiestas will get out of hand."