On Tuesday morning, a three-year-old Italian child was urgently rushed to a clinic in Palma after suffering from severe dehydration at a hotel in Magaluf. The child's parents discovered him unconscious in his bed and immediately alerted emergency services. Medical staff responded promptly and managed to stabilise the young boy.

According to sources close to the case, the incident occurred around 9am. The family was staying at a well-known hotel in Magalluf. The parents reported that their son had been unresponsive after spending the entire night vomiting. Initially, they did not anticipate the situation would become so critical.

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Numerous local emergency services, including patrols from the Local Police of Calvia, the Guardia Civil, and several ambulances, quickly arrived at the hotel. Upon the police officers' arrival, the child had regained consciousness. The medical team worked to stabilize him before transferring him to a private clinic in Palma for further observation.

The child's condition was determined to be a result of dehydration. The medical team's swift action ensured the boy's condition improved significantly. As a precautionary measure, he was taken to the clinic in Palma for continued monitoring and care.

The prompt response from emergency services and medical staff was crucial in ensuring the child's recovery.