Image of an adult dolphin trying to revive the calf that would have died after being hit by a boat on Monday in Santa Ponsa. | Última hora


People in Santa Ponsa bay were taken aback on Monday afternoon by the sight of a dolphin attempting to revive a calf. The cetacean's efforts to nudge the lifeless calf back to life were captured by those present, illustrating a poignant and rare interaction between the dolphins.

The event unfolded under favourable weather conditions, attracting many people to the Mallorcan coast. Initially, the sight of the two dolphins was perceived as playful behavior. However, it quickly turned into a somber scene when observers realised one of the dolphins was deceased.

Witnesses reported that the dolphin calf likely succumbed to injuries inflicted by a boat. The small dolphin might have been exploring its surroundings when it was struck. This theory is supported by the state of the calf's body and the adult dolphin's persistent attempts to turn it upright, hoping to revive it.

The incident underscores the common behavior of dolphins approaching and swimming alongside boats. Unfortunately, in this instance, the typical interaction seems to have resulted in a fatal accident for the young cetacean, highlighting the delicate balance between marine life and human activities.

This heart-wrenching scene has left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it, serving as a stark reminder of the potential dangers marine animals face. The event has sparked reflection on the impact of boating on marine wildlife and the need for increased awareness and precautionary measures to protect these creatures.