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Do you find the Mallorca sea warmer than usual?

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¡The Mallorcans! Chapter 2: Marcial Bardolet Richter, watches over the posidonia

The Mallorcans

Mallorca's Guardian of the Neptune Grass

Marcial Bardolet Richter watches over the protection of seagrass beds, which play a particularly important role in the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporterCarina Gross20/07/2023 00:01

Marine heat waves: how do they affect our biodiversity?


Marine heat waves: how do they affect our biodiversity?

This past August, the Balearic sea did not drop below 28 degrees and reached record peaks above 31 degrees.

Save The Med Foundation02/10/2022 15:37

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A veteran ship with a Mediterranean mission

The Toftevaag is also tracking illegal mesh nets, dubbed “walls of death”, in an unrelenting campaign against illegal fishing with drift nets.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/08/2022 12:38

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Balearic waters 5 degrees warmer than a year ago

The extreme heat in recent weeks has already sparked wildfires and led to thousands of heat-related deaths in Europe, but that warmth hasn't been limited to the land.

01/08/2022 09:10


From collective failure to collective success

More than 150 countries have committed to conserve or protect at least 30% of the oceans with marine protected areas (MPAs) and other effective conservation measures by 2030.

Marilles Foundation23/07/2022 16:13

Cala Saona beach in Formentera


Investing to protect our seas

The sea gives us everything: fish, recreation, climate regulation, biodiversity, health, education, etc.

Marilles Foundation12/07/2022 10:35


MPA's final event in Palma

MPAs are an essential tool for the conservation of the sea.

Marilles Foundation19/06/2022 10:30

Take part in this year's MARE Audiovisual Competition.


The third edition of MARE will focus on the Mediterranean

For the third consecutive year, photography lovers of all ages, both amateur and professional, are invited to portray the beauty of their seas.

Sara García14/05/2022 16:22

Illes Malgrats. photo: @AdobeStock


Proposals to improve the El Toro and Els Malgrats marine reserves

Investing in more and better MPAs makes ecological and economic sense. So, what are we waiting for?

Marilles Foundation25/03/2022 11:25

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The power of images: conserving the sea

Through photography and video, MARE can help us understand and get to know the privileged environment we inhabit.

Marilles foundation13/05/2021 14:33

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Sea star

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JaviAtero 12/05/2021