Mallorca disappointed in their cup tie at Zaragoza. | Carlos Gil-Roig


Real Zaragoza 3 - Real Mallorca 1

Following Sunday's fine win in the league at home to Valencia, Mallorca were off to Zaragoza, fourth in the second division, for the Copa del Rey. With a number of regulars left at home or on the bench, Mallorca could still boast the likes of Sastre, Kubo and Abdon Prats. But they were understrength, and it showed. Kagawa hit the bar for Zaragoza on 22 minutes, as Mallorca seemed intent on sitting back and hitting Zaragoza on the break. Ratón in the Zaragoza goal was, however, untroubled.

Goals for Zaragoza from Blanco and Puado in the first eight minutes of the second half pretty much settled things; there was poor defending for both goals. Mallorca's keeper Fabricio denied Linares shortly before the same player made it three for Zaragoza with a quarter of an hour to go. A fine goal from Febas in the 86th minute was mere consolation for Mallorca and rather more than they deserved.