The first stage of the XXVIII Playa de Palma Challenge Cyclist Mallorca was won by Matteo Moschetti from team TrekSegafredo on Thursday.

He was followed over the finish line in Felanitx by Pascal Ackermann, team BORAhansgrohe and in third place Jon Aberasturi for team CajaRural. The day started in Ses Salines in glorious conditions but it was Moschetti who reigned supreme after the 171 killometre race with Friday taking the 23 teams up into the Tramuntana mountains for the second race between Soller and Deya.

After a long winter, many of the cyclists wanted to immediately prove that they have worked and trained well for the starts of the new season in Europe.
The first attacks moved as soon as the race director waved his flag, but these spurts only lasted a few kilometres and it was Moschetti who held firm.