UK paper driving licences are valid in Spain and should be exchanged. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The British Embassy in Madrid, in response to the Bulletin revealing that the Spanish DGT traffic department is refusing to accept UK paper driving licences to exchange for Spanish licences in Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain has swung into action and has told the Bulletin that it will be bringing the matter up with the Spanish authorities on Monday because, under the latest deal, paper licences are valid.

A British Embassy Madrid spokesperson told the Bulletin: “UK Nationals who hold a valid paper UK licence without a photo are eligible to exchange it for a Spanish one.
“We are raising this with the Spanish.”

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The DVLA in the UK told the Bulletin last week that it is aware of the problem, having received numerous complaints, and confirmed that paper licences are valid are should be accepted in Spain as part of the exchange deal.

It appears there has been a breakdown in communication or something has got lost in translation and it remains to be seen if the Embassy will provide a document for people being told that paper licences are not valid to prove that in fact they are so they can exchange their licences during this current and last window of opportunity.