Not all Britons will be hit by new EU travels rules. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


As the Bulletin has been reporting, UK holidaymakers heading to European Union destinations are being warned of a host of new travel rules and restrictions.

This includes a new visa system when heading to the European Union. The Entry/Exit System (EES) will be an automated IT system that registers travellers from third-countries, including those with short-stay visas and visa-exempt travellers, every time they cross an EU border.

The scheme, which has been delayed a few times, is now due to start on October 6 this year.

However, the EES system will not apply to all UK citizens.

According to the EU non-EU nationals will be exempt if they are:

Nationals of the European countries using the EES, as well as Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland

Non-EU nationals who hold a residence card and are immediately related to an EU national

Non-EU nationals who hold a residence card or a residence permit and are immediately related to a

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non-EU national who can travel throughout Europe like an EU citizen

Non-EU nationals travelling to Europe as part of an intra-corporate transfer or for the purposes of research, studies, training, voluntary service, pupil exchange schemes or educational projects and au-pairing

Holders of residence permits and long-stay visas

Nationals of Andorra, Monaco and San Marino and holders of a passport issued by the Vatican City State or the Holy See

Those exempt from border checks or who have been granted certain privileges with respect to border checks (such as heads of state, cross-border workers, etc.)

Those not required to cross external borders solely at border crossing points and during fixed opening hours

Those holding a valid local border traffic permit

Crew members of passenger and goods trains on international connecting journeys

Those holding a valid Facilitated Rail Transit Document or valid Facilitated Transit Document, provided they travel by train and do not disembark anywhere within the territory of an EU Member State