Real Mallorca coach "Chapi" Ferrer (L) and president Utz Claassen at Tuesday night's presentation game. | P. Bota


Real Mallorca lost the 40th City of Palma (snooze-fest) 1-0 to La Liga side Levante on a hot and sticky Tuesday night in a game which promised so much to local fans but in reality was a bit of a let down.

The consensus of opinion from local fans I've spoken to since the defeat isn't exactly upbeat, with the coach “Chapi” Ferrer evidently getting his tactics all wrong. The fact that we've signed 12 much-heralded players and they take time to gel as a team doesn't seem to enter into the equation. We were poor in front of goal without a single shot on target, showing how desperately we need a killer in the box. Coach Ferrer made a carousel of changes, playing as many of the squad as possible, many of them, according to local aficionados, out of position.

Levante looked like a side who have played together as a team for much longer than us, they were more solid and seemed like they could have upped another couple of gears if required. Their goal, scored by Ivan Perez in the 56th minute, was a wonder strike that flew past our helpless young German goal keeper Timon, giving him no chance, from all of 30 metres.

Our cutting edge just wasn't there on Tuesday night and once again we nearly gave away stupid goals by kamikaze defending. Trying to dribble the ball out of defence is not a good idea at the best of times, as Real Mallorca looked like a team dusting off the summer cobwebs.

SUMMING UP: I'm obviously in the minority here, but I didn't think we played as badly as some local supporters make out. So it's back to the drawing board for coach “Chapi” Ferrer, whose appointment in some circles is already being questioned after a handful of meaningless friendlies. Before the game we were “treated” to some renditions from the Rocky Horror Show which left some fans somewhat bemused. It was nearly a horror show on the pitch and we must perform better when the league kicks off in two weeks. The new electronic scoreboards are fantastic, as is the new sound system and it looks likely that the temporary stand(s) will get the go-ahead this week. Mallorca were waiting for a necessary piece of paper from the local fire brigade. There were a few long faces and murmurings of discontent as fans left the ground well into the night. I overheard one man say “It's the same old Mallorca.” Let's see how we are in two months time when it really matters. The biggest cheer of the night came midway through the second half when ex-Mallorca legend, Victor Casadesus, made an appearance for Levante:he touched the ball once.

Muppet of the night was the guy just down from us who decided to spend most of the game taking the ubiquitous selfie on a stick – don't get me started.