The first phase was carried out over the summer. | Jaume Morey


The second phase of redevelopment of Real Mallorca's Son Moix Stadium is up in the air because Palma town hall won't grant a building licence until it is clear which regulation has to be applied.

The problem arose on Tuesday at a meeting of the urban planning committee and concerned regulations regarding stadium evacuation and fire risk. There are, it turns out, two different regulations that are currently both in force but which are contradictory. These refer to passages between certain numbers of rows of seats. One regulation, from 1982, says one corridor every twelve rows. A later regulation, from 2006, says every twenty.

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The club's project is one every 20, "as has been done with all new stadiums that have been built in recent years". However, a technician from Palma Fire Brigade, a member of the committee, highlighted the earlier regulatory requirement.

The town hall will therefore ask the JAIB board of activities in the Balearics to decide which regulation should be applied. If this government body goes for the 1982 regulation, there is a risk that development work planned for next summer could be delayed, as the project will need to be reconsidered. The club is asking the town hall to let it know "as soon as possible".