The International Boat Show Palma Organising Committee has awarded with the Marcial Sanchez Barcaiztegui Prize to the ‘Escola de Mestres d’Aixa’ of the Council of Majorca, whose head is Joan Manuel Pons who is recognised for his work in the promotion of the traditional nautical shipwrights, as well as the preservation of our maritime legacy.

The International Boat Show Palma, organised by the Balearic Government’s Institute for  Innovation and Enterprise, has the objective of  recognising the work of “Mestres d’Aixa”  over the past  fifteen years.

The ‘Escola de Mestres d’Aixa’ teaches future new professionals who will work on the conservation of our traditional maritime legacy and also will participate in an initiative that will expand our maritime culture.

The ‘Escola de Mestres d’Aixa’ has participated since its beginning in regattas and Latin Sailing, and also works on the promotion of Majorca’s  maritime legacy at fairs, meetings, courses, exhibitions and conferences.