Babarians v Poble Nou lineout. | Alfonse Simo, RC Ponent

Baleares Senior League

The Men’s Senior league continued with matches between RC Ponent and Menorca TRUC on Saturday in Principes de España. This was the postponed game from the beginning of the season.

Union RC started with a player down and then were penalised for another ten minutes due to a yellow card early on. Menorca had the advantage throughout the first half, scoring from four penalty kicks given through lack of discipline from the home team, and one try scored half way through. Union RC were the first to score with a penalty kick, followed up with a try and another kick. By half time the score was 11 points to 17.

Throughout the second half Union RC were more disciplined and focused, taking advantage of a tiring Menorca who also suffered two yellow cards, evening up the numbers. The home team’s patience paid off as they were able to score three tries, a penalty kick and were awarded a penalty try taking their score to 40 points whilst Menorca added a further two converted tries taking their score to 31.

Division d’Honour B

Babarians XV played in Barcelona against Poble Nou on Saturday in a match that was fought for until the closing minutes.

A flying tackle from Babarians XV

The home team began the scoring with a two tries after only twenty minutes of play. The Babarians XV answered with their own points shortly afterwards causing both teams to toughen up their defence and making some tough tackles to stop the other team making headway. Just before the break the visitors let their guard slip and Poble Nou slipped through to add another try, taking the half-time score to 19 points to 12.

The home team were awarded two penalty tries during the second half, stretching their lead, as Babarians XV became undisciplined in their efforts to score.
After substitutions in the final fifteen minutes they were able to close the gap a little, scoring two more converted tries.

Defence was tough!

A final minutes push leading to a try for Borja Martinez took the final points to 38 against 33, giving the Babarians XV at least a defensive bonus point.

Coming up

The Shamrock RC girl’s team have a difficult game against INEF Lleida on Saturday.
These two top teams will be playing for the final of the Catalan Second Girls League.

Next weekend Babarians XV have an away game against bottom of the league team RC Murcia on Saturday.

The Baleares Senior League teams resume the league with matches between Shamrock RC and El Toro RC in Son Roca, kick off at 5pm.

The other game is between Bahia RC and Ibiza RFC in S’Arraco, kick off at 4pm. El Toro RC U14 have a weekend away in Valencia as part of a triangular tournament between Cau Valencia and BUC Barcelona which will give them some valuable match experience as well as a fun weekend.