Etiqueta 'Anglican Church in Palma'
Anglican church in Palma

Anglican church in Palma

Anglican Church in Palma.

Anglican Church 10/06/2022

Anglican church in Palma


The Church and the Social Activities

Significantly, this week is a famous play: Educating Rita to be held at the church on the 10th and 11th June at 7.30pm.

Revd. Ishaneus Gusha10/06/2022 15:19

Revd. Dr Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe


The Bishop came to Palma on Sunday

Did you know their are two Anglican churches conducted in English on the island?

Shirley Roberts05/10/2021 11:36

Anglican Church in Palma

Anglican Church in Palma

Anglican Church in Palma.

Shirley Roberts 14/08/2021

Anglican Church in Palma

Humans of Majorca

Looking for their autumn life

For those with the inclination to spend your winter time doing something different I encourage you to visit these churches and see what the ‘people of faith’ are up to.

Shirley Roberts14/10/2020 12:38

The Anglican Chaplain

‘Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring’

We are fortunate in our Diocese in Europe, of which the C of E in Majorca is a small part, to be able to employ what are called ‘locum priests’.

Revd. David Waller25/11/2019 10:03