Etiqueta 'Ceramics fair'
The Oris Classic Car Rally from Thursday to Saturday.


What's on in Majorca: 6-12 March

The Classic Car Rally returns: three days Thursday to Saturday. Marratxi's ceramics fair and Palma's funfair continue. Palmanyola's fair is at the weekend and features a demons' fire-run on the Saturday evening.

Andrew Ede05/03/2017 00:00

The Portol "sardine" isn't buried; it goes on the bonfire.


What's on in Majorca: 27 February-5 March

Celebrations for Balearics Day, which is 1 March but stuff is happening before then. Carnival comes to an end with the "burial of the sardine" (the ceremony in Portol, Marratxi is the best known). Marratxi is the place for one of Majorca's more important fairs - the "fira fang" (ceramics), which starts on Saturday.

Andrew Ede26/02/2017 00:00