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what is a good and meaningful plan?


Notes from the classroom: Making the Most of the Summer 2021

How to make the most of the summer to prepare adequately? what is a good and meaningful plan?

Julie Holdsworth26/05/2021 11:44

healthy mind


Supporting Healthy Minds

Studies find that improving the quality of students’ diets leads to an increased attendance.

Julie Holdsworth16/12/2020 14:56

Notes from the Classroom

Making a Difference for the Academic Year: Why the right tutor matters

My advice is to fully understand what you are getting for your money. Consider what you are expecting, what is being delivered and the overall effect on the academic achievements of your child.

Julie Holdsworth12/08/2020 20:57

The basic theory of learning styles is straightforward.

Notes from the classroom

Making the most of the summer 2020 style: If a child can’t learn the way we teach maybe we should teach the way they learn

Many educators advocate teaching methods that take advantage of the differences in the way in which students learn.

Julie Holdsworth03/06/2020 15:32