Puerto Alcudia. | Andrew Ede


So much for the settled pattern that was indicated on Sunday. There is a chance of rain on Monday. Cloudy at times, therefore.

The outlook for the week is still reasonable - possible showers on Tuesday as well - and with temperatures rising by the weekend to 35 and 36C.

Forecasts for Monday (UV rating 8):

Alcudia 31C, light northeast-east breezes.

Andratx 30C, light westerly and southerly breezes.

Deya 30C, light northwest and north breezes.

Palma 32C, moderate southwest breeze easing to light south.

Pollensa 32C, light north breeze veering southeast.

Sant Llorenç 31C, moderate southeasterly easing gentle northeasterly.

Santanyi 31C, gentle east-southeast breezes.

Highs on Sunday - 34.7 Petra at 2.30pm; 33.8 Arta and Sa Pobla at 3.50pm and 2.20pm.