The forecast for Palma as of Wednesday evening, which showed low rainfall probability overnight but points to far higher probability on Friday. | @AEMET_Baleares


Yellow alerts for rain and thunderstorms for the whole of Mallorca until 8am on Thursday, though by 7am there was little evidence of rain or storms. Up to five litres per square metre of rain on Wednesday (Pollensa), but not much elsewhere.

For Thursday, the situation, by and large, doesn't look too bad. Some cloud around but a good deal of sun as well. The weather stations, which on Wednesday hadn't been indicating much by way of poor weather overnight, do point to more stormy conditions on Friday, when there are yellow alerts for rain and thunderstorms from 8am to 8pm.

The image shown here does rather prove the point.

Forecasts for Thursday (UV rating 6):

Alcudia 31C, gentle northeasterly breeze easing to calm.

Andratx 30C, light northwest breezes.

Deya 29C, light westerly breeze easing to calm.

Palma 31C, gentle south breeze easing to light northwest.

Pollensa 33C, moderate west breeze easing to light northwest.

Sant Llorenç 32C, gentle west breeze easing to light north.

Santanyi 30C, gentle southwest breeze easing to light.

Balearic Webcams (

Highs on Wednesday - 32.4 Andratx (Sant Elm) at 11am; 31.7 Es Capdella at 11.20am; 31.5 Son Bonet (Marratxi) at 12.10pm.