Weather forecast for the Balearic Islands for Saturday April 17. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


It’s cloudy, wet and windy in Palma, with a high of 14 degrees and a low of 5.

Watch how the storm is approaching the island.

Calvia is partly sunny, partly cloudy and windy with some heavy cloudbursts throughout the day and the high of 14 will drop to 4 degrees after dark.

It’s 14 degrees and pouring rain in Santanyi with a light breeze and an overnight temperature of 5.

The rain’s on for the day in Santa Margalita and it’s windy too, with a high of 13 and a low of 6.

There’s sunshine and showers in Deya, a high of 15 degrees, moderate northerly winds and a low of 5.

Check out today's minimum temperatures.