Torrential rain in Muro. | Última hora/R.S.

The State Meteorological Agency, Aemet has issued an orange alert for extremely heavy rain and thunderstorms in Mallorca and the wet weather is already causing floods in several places.

IB3 has tweeted video of Acludia where 123 litres per m2 of rain has fallen, saturating shops and businesses and flooding the harbour promenade.

78 litres per m2 of rain fell in Muro and according to Aemet’s María José Guerrero, 49 litres fell in just one hour and 17 litres in 10 minutes. There was also 40 litres per m2 of rainfall in Soller with 37 litres falling in one hour.

According to Carreteres de Mallorca, the access road to Es Murterà has been closed to traffic because of torrential rain and motorists are advised to make a detour through Avenida Pere Mas i Reus.

The temperature has dropped significantly and it's unlikely to exceed 20º on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the orange weather warning will remain in place all day long, but it will be slightly warmer.

Up to 70 litres per m2 of rain is expected to fall in one hour and 140 litres in 12 hours in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Elsewhere, 50 litres per m2 of rainwater is forecast to fall in one hour and 100 litres in 12 hours.

On Thursday, the weather warning is expected to be downgraded to yellow, but as this storm moves away, a new one will arrive.

On Friday, mud rain is forecast, but the weather should cheer up a bit at the weekend.