Storm clouds are drifting off. | Javier Furones

After three days of yellow or orange alerts for heavy rain and storm, the met agency Aemet lifted the alerts on Thursday afternoon.

The cause of the bad weather was a DANA, an isolated depression at upper levels, known colloquially as the 'gota fría', cold drop. This produces intense downpours, and Mallorca has experienced these over the past three days. On Tuesday, 123 litres per square metre were recorded at the Albufera weather station in Muro. Aemet's delegate in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, says that in a few hours there was more rain in Muro than would be expected in the whole of September.

On Thursday, the southeast of the island bore the brunt of the storms - 137 litres in Santanyí and 132 in S’Alqueria Blanca. "In 70 years it has never rained so hard in S'Alqueria."

Guerrero adds that the DANA rains are changing the character of September and are making some places wetter.

If the DANA is heading away from Mallorca, there will still be some unsettled weather. On Friday and Saturday there could be some showers of muddy rain. Warm air from the Sahara will push temperatures up and produce tropical nights with minimum temperatures of 20C and more.