Orient, Mallorca. | Humphrey Carter

These are today's minimum temperatures registered on Mallorca.

It’s a gorgeous, sunny day in Palma with a high of 25 degrees, strong southerly winds and a low of 12.

Calvia is 26 and breezy with lots of sunshine, some evening clouds and an overnight temperature of 15 degrees.

Weather forcast for Tuesday, October 5

There's clear skies and sunshine in Felanitx and it’s 26 degrees with 20 kilometre southerly winds and a low of 16.

Manacor is 25, warm and sunny and those strong winds this morning will drop by lunchtime and it’ll be 13 degrees overnight.

It’s 23 degrees in Escorca with plenty of sunshine, hardly any wind at all and a low of 11.

Here is the weather forecast for the next few days.