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Weather Forecast for Friday

Mallorca is on red alert and heavy rain, thunderstorms and 30 kilometre an hour winds are forecast in Palma today, with a high of 17 and it will be chilly and 8 degrees overnight.

Early morning thunderstorms in Calvia will clear away by midday and it will be breezy, 17 degrees and mostly sunny the rest of the day with a low of 8.

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It’s 16, wet and very windy in Llucmajor with some afternoon sunshine and an overnight temperature of 9 degrees.

Muro is 16 degrees with heavy rain, 40 kilometre an hour northerly winds, intermittent thunderstorms and a low of 9.

It’s a stormy day in Valldemossa, the temperature has dropped to 13 degrees with strong winds and a low of 7

Live feed from Can Pastilla

Weather forecast for the next few days:Weather Forecast for next days

Today's minimum temperature (ºC):

  • 3 Serra d'Alfabia
  • 4 Escorca, Son Torrella
  • 7 Campos
  • 7 Escorca, Lluc
  • 7 Airo. Palma
  • 7 Santa Maria
  • 8 Binissalem
  • 8 Sineu
  • 8 Calvia
  • 8 Llucmajor
  • 8 Llucmajor, Cap Blanc
  • 8 Palma, University

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