Clear and sunny on Sunday, especially in the north of the island. | Andrew Ede

There is an Aemet yellow weather alert for low temperatures until 9am Sunday for the south of the island and much of the interior, meaning lows of below zero.

Alcudia - 15C; mostly sunny, light breezes from the west and southwest

Andratx - 14C; partly cloudy, light breezes variable

Calvia - 14C; partly cloudy, light breezes predominantly northerly

Deya - 12C; sunny, calm

Palma - 15C; partly cloudy, light air to light breezes variable

Pollensa - 15C; sunny, light to gentle breezes west/northwest

Sant Llorenç - 15C; mostly sunny, light breezes northerly

Santanyi - 14C; partly cloudy, light westerly breezes to calm

At present, there is no Aemet alert for low temperatures for overnight Sunday into Monday, but the general pattern for Monday and the next few days is similar to Sunday. Sunny during the day, with highs of no more than 15C and calm conditions.