Snow forecast down to 700 metres. | Pilar Pellicer

More confirmation of the wintry weather heading Mallorca's way. The delegate of the Aemet met agency in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, said on Wednesday that a polar trough will affect the island from Friday. There may be snow down to 700 metres. "April will begin with unpleasant winter weather: cold, snow, wind and rough seas." If there's any consolation, it will not be the first time that it has snowed in April. It did last year, for example.

On Friday, there will be cloudy skies with showers, occasionally accompanied by hail. Aemet adds that there could also be a storm that deposits snow at 700 metres. Temperatures, needless to say, will drop. Minimum temperatures will range between 4C and 7C but be as low as -1C in the Tramuntana Mountains. The normal minimum for this time of year is 8C. The highs will be between 10C and 14C; the usual temperature for the beginning of April is 18C.

Wind will blow from the north and northwest, with gusts up to 70 kilometres per hour. A yellow warning for rough seas has been activated, with waves of three to four metres.

Saturday is forecast to be much the same.