Needing ways to cool off. | SALAS


Inland temperatures in Mallorca on Sunday topped the 35C mark (95F). On the coast, it was a more agreeable 30 to 31C.

The Aemet met agency says that the heat wave that is affecting the mainland will continue until at least Thursday, with maximums in areas of up to 42C. In Mallorca, a yellow alert has been activated for most of the island on Tuesday - highs of 36C to 37C. Weather stations indicate that Friday may be the hottest day in Mallorca - up to 39C inland, Aemet saying that it doesn't now expect 40C in the Balearics.

Southerly breezes and so hot air from north Africa will continue to dominate during the week, and these will also cause some haze because of Saharan dust.

The met agency adds that the very high temperatures on the mainland, where there are amber alerts for many parts, could last beyond Thursday. At present, there is uncertainty about the development of a depression in the Atlantic in the Madeira area. This will cause a drop in temperatures.