Falls in temperature are likely to be "barely noticeable". | Pere Bota


The Aemet met agency has been suggesting that Sunday will be the last day of the heat wave in Mallorca, which began on July 13 and is already a record in terms of duration. However, the agency is now saying that it could extend beyond Monday, which is when there has been anticipation of some fall in temperatures.

Spokesperson María José Guerrero says that a "a slight drop" in temperature of between one and two degrees on Monday will be "barely noticeable". "We aren't seeing a clear drop in temperatures."

This said, weather stations in the island's interior (where the highest temperatures are registered) are - as of Friday morning - indicating some fall after Monday, when a high of 39C is being forecast. But while some weather stations are predicting falls to 32C midweek, others point to up to 37C on Thursday.

Given how a heat wave is defined, Mallorca's may indeed come to an end by Tuesday. Temperatures of 36C or more at ten per cent of the weather stations would be required for the heat wave to continue (as far as the definition goes). But Aemet can't be absolutely certain when there may be a fall in temperature that is "noticeable" - mid-July to mid-August is typically the hottest period of the summer.