Etiqueta 'Mallorca heatwaves'
Night heat in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

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More torrid nights (over 25C) in the Balearics than ever before

Indications are that in future there will be more torrid and infernal nights and that heat waves will be more frequent.

Andrew Ede06/10/2023 15:42

In Mallorca had a heat wave earlier this July


Climate change is real, and we're running out of time

There appears to be a movement across the western world by right-wing politicians to belittle climate change, why?

Humphrey Carter14/09/2023 15:03

Cooling down in Palma, Mallorca

Cooling down in Palma, Mallorca

Trying to get cool during last August's heat wave.

Miquel À. Cañellas 05/08/2023

Famous Mallorcan beaches like Es Trenc are shrinking.

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Fatal warning of marine heatwaves in the Balearics

Increase in temperature has “serious consequences” for marine ecosystems and can have repercussions on the economy and human living conditions.

Humphrey Carter31/01/2023 11:41

Three heat waves in Mallorca in 2022

Three heat waves in Mallorca in 2022

Cooling down in Palma.

Pere Bota 31/12/2022

Costa d'en Blanes, Mallorca


How hot does it have to get to deter holidaymakers?

A "clear drop in visitor satisfaction levels" because of this summer's heat.

Andrew Ede03/09/2022 11:58

Joaquim Tintoré, director of the SOCIB coastal observation system in Mallorca

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The sea in Mallorca is three degrees warmer than usual

By July 27, the sea temperature is predicted to be almost four degrees higher than the average.

Andrew Ede21/07/2022 08:50