Freak wind in Puerto Pollensa on Saturday.


A change in the weather is on its way, precursors of which have been freak winds caused by a depression that Mallorca has been catching the edge of.

On Saturday evening, Palma town hall had to call off an outdoor cinema event because of sudden high winds. In Puerto Pollensa, people at the Illa d'Or Hotel had to leave the terrace rapidly when a high wind took them by surprise. Overnight there were some "dry thunderstorms" - a fair amount of lightning but without rain.

Given these examples of unsettled conditions, it is no surprise that the Aemet met agency is now forecasting that there might be some rain earlier than had been predicted. On Monday, showers can be expected, and where there is rain, it will be of the muddy variety. In the east of Mallorca, there could be heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

Sunday hasn't seen a repeat of the exceptional temperatures on Saturday. The high for Mallorca, at 4.30pm, was 40.7C in Porreres. Verification of Saturday's temperatures shows that the high in Formentera was 44.5C and not 43.5. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the Balearics, beating the 44.2C in Muro in July 1994.