Another hot and heavy tropical day in Mallorca. | Xisco Serra


The high humidity that is being recorded this today in Mallorca has triggered the thermal sensation and has caused a heatwave, which has become unbearable.

The deputy spokesman of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics, Miquel Gili, has reported that the humidity is 60-70%, very high for what is usual during the day.

This has led to a wind chill of 30º-35º, although the maximum recorded temperatures have not exceeded 28º-31º.

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Although Gili stated that it is not possible to give an average daytime humidity, he did report that it is usually between 20-30%, while in the evening it rises to 80-90%.

This is due to the fact that with the heat the humidity decreases during the day, except on days such as today, due to the entry of very humid air from the south.

The deputy spokesman for the Aemet also reported that the yellow heat alert has been deactivated in the interior, north and northeast, as it is not expected to exceed 34º-35º.